Solar Panel Installation in Houston

Optimal Solar Conditions: Houston’s abundant sunshine and favorable climate make it an ideal location for solar energy, with over 200 sunny days a year.

Significant Financial Incentives: Benefit from a 30% federal tax credit on your installation, plus 100% property tax exemption on the added value from your solar system.

Net Metering Benefits: Earn credits for excess energy generated, significantly reducing or even eliminating utility bills.

No Upfront Costs: Icon Power offers flexible financing options that require no initial investment, making solar energy accessible and affordable.

Comprehensive Services: As a leading solar provider, Icon Power handles design, installation, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring a seamless transition to solar energy.

Local Expertise: With knowledge of local regulations, building codes, and Houston-specific conditions, Icon Power ensures your installation is efficient and compliant.

Resilience Against Outages: Considering Houston’s extreme weather, adding a battery backup can provide energy security.

Free Consultation: Get a tailored estimate that fits your property’s needs and budget with a free quote from Icon Power.

Environmental Impact: Reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable energy initiatives in Houston.

Why to Go Solar in Houston?

Houston is one of the country’s leaders in clean energy use and is also referred to as the energy capital of the world due to its long history in the oil and gas industry. Houston, Texas, is an excellent location for solar energy due to its abundant sunshine and favorable climate. Houston receives ample sunlight throughout the year, making it an optimal place for solar energy generation. The city typically experiences more than 200 sunny days annually, translating to significant solar potential.

How it Works

Looking to go solar and simplify the process? Look no further than our streamlined full solar services, where we take care of everything from design to monitoring—all in one place.

1 Consultation


Our team will begin maximizing your potential savings by assessing all the incentives available to your specific address—from utility company to state & federal credits.

2 Design & Permitting

Design & Permitting

Next, we’ll design a system to meet your savings objectives. Icon Power will factor everything from energy usage to roof space while handling the entire permitting process.

3 Installation


Icon Power personally handles every aspect of a solar panel & battery storage installation. We are 100% vertical, meaning we’ll take care of your project from start to finish.

4 Monitoring


With our mobile app, you can monitor solar production & savings. Communicate directly with our team and refer family & friends to earn cash.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Houston

Solar  Incentives and Tax Benefits

Make use of the federal investment tax credit, which allows you a deduction of 30% on the total cost of your solar panel installation!

Net metering

In Houston, Texas, the net metering policy is a significant benefit for owners of solar energy systems. This policy enables you to connect your solar panel system to the public electricity grid and significantly reduce your utility bills through a credit system. Here’s how it works:

Electricity Generation: When your solar panels produce more electricity than your home or business needs, the excess energy is sent back to the grid. This is common during peak daylight hours when solar production is high and consumption might be lower.

Earning Credits: For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of surplus electricity your system sends to the grid, you earn credits from your utility company. These credits are applied at the retail electricity rate, which is the same rate you pay for power from the grid.

Reducing Utility Bills: The credits you earn are used to offset the cost of the electricity you draw from the grid at times when your system is not producing enough to meet your needs, such as during the night or on cloudy days. This can lead to substantial savings, as the credits can cover part or all of your electricity costs.

Supporting Sustainable Energy: By participating in net metering, you not only reduce your own electricity costs but also contribute to the overall health of the electric grid. Your excess solar energy helps reduce the need for fossil-fuel-based power generation, lowering carbon emissions and supporting Houston’s transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Texas property tax code offers 100% property tax exemption on the appraised value of an on-site solar energy system—likely increasing your property’s value.

No Upfront Cost

At Icon Power, we believe in making the switch to clean, renewable energy as seamless and accessible as possible. That’s why we offer lending options that require no upfront investment from you. With our flexible financing options allow you to go solar and install a rooftop solar panel system without any upfront costs. Imagine the freedom of generating your own electricity without having to worry about a hefty upfront payment. Our financing options empower you to make the environmentally conscious choice without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we have tailored solutions to fit your needs and budget. By choosing Icon Power as your solar installer, you’re investing in a sustainable energy solution for your home and future generations to come. With no upfront costs, it’s all about saving from day one. Say goodbye to sky-high electricity bills and hello to long-term savings and environmental responsibility.

Lower Bills

Summer temperatures in Houston can soar, often reaching the mid-90s Fahrenheit, making air conditioners essential for comfort. This results in high energy costs, especially during the peak summer months. Installing solar panels is an effective strategy for offsetting these high energy expenses. By harnessing the abundant sunshine in Houston, a solar panel system can significantly reduce your electricity bills by generating your own power.

Environmentally Friendly Energy

Solar power is a carbon-neutral energy source that has minimal impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Opting for solar energy in Houston not only helps in reducing your carbon footprint but also supports the broader shift towards renewable energy. Houston is advancing in its solar energy capacity, contributing to Texas’ position as a leading state in solar energy production, which is rapidly growing to meet the energy demands of its population.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels in Houston Tax Exemption on Property

Sunlight Exposure

Houston receives ample sunlight, making it a prime location for solar energy production. However, it’s important to assess the specific sunlight exposure of your property. Factors such as the orientation of your roof, shading from trees or other buildings, and the roof’s angle will influence the effectiveness of your solar panels.

Roof Condition and Space

Before installing solar panels, check the condition of your roof. It should be in good condition and able to support the weight of the panels. Additionally, ensure there is enough unobstructed space to install an adequate number of panels to meet your energy needs.

Local Regulations and Permits

Familiarize yourself with local building codes, zoning laws, and any homeowner association regulations that may impact solar panel installation. Houston may have specific requirements or incentives for solar installation, and obtaining the necessary permits is a critical step.

Utility Rates

Analyze your current electricity usage and cost. Understanding how much you currently pay for electricity will help you calculate the potential savings with solar power. Higher utility rates generally make solar investments more cost-effective.

 Backup Solutions

Houston is prone to extreme weather, so consider if you need a battery backup system for your solar panels to ensure energy availability during power outages.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it.

We loved working with Icon Power for our solar install. Jordan patiently educated us and helped us make a ‘just right’ decision. Sterling and his team were nothing short of ‘Installation Wizards’, making adjustments as needed right on site. And thanks to the excellence of many other Icon service professionals along the way, we sailed through inspections far more quickly than we anticipated. All in all, working with Icon was an exceptional experience. Our solar system is working and saving us money even as I write this. We couldn’t be happier.
Jordan is a rockstar. He made sure I understood my options completely when considering solar. He made the decision process very easy, keeping me informed every step of the way. He stayed in communicating with all the different teams involved with inspecting, installation and activation to make sure things moved smoothly for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with adding solar to their home, or any other solutions that Icon Power provides.
If your researching the installation of a solar system for your home look no further than Icon Power. This organization is the epitome of a professional, fair and transparent solar provider. They warranty their installation, the system and do not use third-party contractors. Everybody I dealt with was knowledgeable and thorough. Their excellent communication was honest and accurate. They showed up for appointments on time and installed the system with a high degree of quality. I couldn't be happier with my experience with icon power.
2021 Top Solar Contractor
Ace Award Arizona Corporate Excellence
Inc. 5000 #146 award
Inc. Regionals Southwest #25
SRP - Preferred Solar Installer

How Much Do Solar Installation Costs in Houston?

The cost of solar panel installation depends on the size of the property and the energy objectives. The costs will vary among homes, even within the same city. Our commitment is focused on delivering exceptional service to our customers with cost-effective and competitive pricing while upholding the quality of our products and services.

Get a free quote from us and connect with our solar experts today to learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits from solar panels.

Why Choose Icon Power as Your Solar Company?

The selection of a reputable company for the design and installation of your solar energy system can have a substantial impact on its overall performance and efficiency.

Icon Power, being a top-tier solar installation company, provides a comprehensive range of solar services for both residential and commercial properties. We offer system design, installation, repair, and maintenance.

25 years of solar panels performance warranty

Get a free solar estimate

No upfront cost

100% Customer satisfaction

Communicate directly with our solar experts

Transparent pricing

Let's Start Something Iconic.

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and See How Much You Can Save.

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Houston Solar Panel Installation FAQs

To determine the solar panel capacity for your house, you will need to assess factors such as average electricity usage and your home’s available roof space. Consult with a solar provider to obtain an accurate estimate and design that aligns with your budget and energy savings objectives.

Yes. While the state of Texas does not have state income tax, you can claim a 30% federal tax credit on the total cost of your solar installation including battery storage.

Yes, with over 200 sunny days annually, residents of Houston, TX can take advantage of incredible savings by installing solar panels.

Since 2017, people have chosen Icon Power to harness solar energy through solar panel installations. Icon Power provides superior service with its one-stop-shop business model—giving you a hassle-free experience by handling the entire process from soup to nuts.

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