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Nothing but high praise for Icon Power. They have taken the time to answer my questions and to educate me about the benefits of solar. Great overall experience start to finish.
Coby m.
Very professional organization. Every individual encountered were polite, responsive, and extremely dedicated. When an issue occurred, contacting anyone in the company (from sales to installer) will assist and find the right people to fix it. Work quality is top notch and they show up when they say they will. Overall, we are extremely happy with their work and the follow up. Highly recommend!
Had a great experience with Kurt. The solar process went smoothly all the way through install and startup. Super happy with my solar system. Would recommend Icon to my friends and family
Kelly G.

Why Go Solar in Arizona?

Did you know Arizona is ranked the 8th hottest state in the US? Arizona gets sweltering summers with clear skies all year around, with an average temperature of 62.9° F. The average temperature in summer is 79.9° F, with the maximum recorded being 128°F. 

There is an annual increase between 1.33% and 1.69% in electricity bills during this time in Arizona. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the rate of a unit (kWh) of residential electricity was 8.82 cents in 1997 and 13.33 cents in 2023.

As the prices of natural gas and oil rise, the average electricity prices in the U.S. may rise even faster. The average price increase between 2021 and 2022 was 11% which could become as high as 40% in 2023. Additionally, utilities are investing heavily into renewable energy infrastructure to mitigate the shortages in fossil fuels and passing costs on to customers. 

Residents of Arizona are going solar to decrease their energy bills while locking in their rates to protect against imminent rate increases. 

How it Works

Looking to go solar and simplify the process? Look no further than our streamlined full solar services, where we take care of everything from design to monitoring—all in one place.

1 Consultation


Our team will begin maximizing your potential savings by assessing all the incentives available to your specific address—from utility company to state & federal credits.

2 Design & Permitting

Design & Permitting

Next, we’ll design a system to meet your savings objectives. Icon Power will factor everything from energy usage to roof space while handling the entire permitting process.

3 Installation


Icon Power personally handles every aspect of a solar panel & battery storage installation. We are 100% vertical, meaning we’ll take care of your project from start to finish.

4 Monitoring


With our mobile app, you can monitor solar production & savings. Communicate directly with our team and refer family & friends to earn cash.

Advantages of installing solar panels in Arizona

25% Solar Investment Tax Credit

According to the Arizona Department of Revenue, residents with a solar panel installation can receive a 25% tax credit on the total cost of the system or $1,000, whichever is lesser. This, in addition to a 30% federal tax credit on the total cost of your solar panel installation when you purchase your system. 

Electricity bill savings

The average residential electricity bill in Arizona is $181 per month or $2,172 per annum. Given the per unit rate of 13.33 cents, an average house consumes 16,294 kWh of electricity per year.

At this rate, you will spend approximately $54,300 over the next 25 years if the price per unit remains the same. The table (seen here) demonstrates the average 10, 20 and 30 year costs of electricity given your monthly energy bill. 

Current Electricity Bill (per month) 10 Year Cost 20 Year Cost 30 Year Cost
Consider a 1.4% - 1.5% average annual inflation in ideal conditions.

Given the amount of sunlight in Arizona, a 7.5 – 8 kW solar panel can offset 100% of conventional energy consumption for a house. You can break even on your initial cost within 7.5 years, after which you will generate free, renewable energy from the sun. 

Note: The solar panel installation costs may vary depending on the property size and energy consumption.

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How much will you save?

Residents of Arizona can get federal and state solar income tax credits of 30% and $1,000, respectively. You may also recover your initial investment within 7.5 years, generating free electricity thereafter.

The amount of savings will also depend on the exact location of your house, the angle of the roof, and the number of panels you choose to install etc. Your solar energy expert and designers will help you with the right plan and installation to maximize savings. Get started with a free savings estimate below. 

Benefits of choosing Icon Power

At Icon Power, our comprehensive solar panel installation service offers you not just competitive pricing, but also superior design and premium service. We commit to understanding your unique requirements and crafting a solar solution that fits seamlessly into your budget.

Our dedicated team of solar experts & engineers ensure your shift from conventional power to solar energy is as effortless as possible. Whether for your residential or commercial property, we stand by you post-installation, guiding you through the intricacies of system design, installation, upkeep, and any necessary repairs. Embrace the power of solar with Icon Power, where we prioritize your satisfaction and convenience.

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Arizona Solar Panel Installation FAQs

Yes, solar panel installation in Arizona can increase your property value on average by 4% or $15K USD.

The number of solar panels depends on your home’s size and other factors like sun availability in your area. Please use this free tool to get an estimate on how many solar panels your property will need.

Yes, solar panel installation in Arizona has several incentives and tax credits:

  • You can get 100% sales and property tax exempts on solar panels. Combine this with the 30% federal tax credit, and you get significant savings on solar panel installation. 
  • You can also opt for Residential Clean Energy Credit, which helps recover 30% of the cost of your solar energy system through 2023. 
  • Most residents are also eligible for the state solar tax credit, valued at 25% of the total system cost, coming up to US$1,000 in total.

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