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Tesla Powerwall 3

The Tesla Powerwall 3 is the latest iteration of the Texas-based tech giant’s fully integrated home battery storage solution. It builds on the strengths of the Powerwall 2 and Powerwall Plus that came before it, offering better peak power output and a built-in solar inverter to capture and store solar energy efficiently. Capable of an 11.5 kW continuous power supply, more than twice that of the Powerwall 2, maxing out at 5kW, a single Tesla Powerwall 3 can power an entire home, including large appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners during an outage. 

Key Tesla Powerwall 3 - Features and Benefits

The new Tesla Powerwall 3 offers homeowners a great deal of energy independence and enables smart energy management.

11.5 kW Continuous Power

One of the most talked-about features of the Tesla Powerwall 3 is its 11.5 kW continuous power supply, considerably up from the 5 kW available with the Powerwall 2. The higher output enables the Powerwall 3 to run a greater number of appliances continuously during an outage while still staying within the battery’s prescribed power limit. Everything from lights and fans to larger home appliances like TVs and air conditioners can be run on a single Powerwall 3 unit. 

Boosted Load Start Capability

While the Powerwall 2 and Powerwall Plus feature a load start capacity of 106 LRA and 118 LRA, respectively, the Tesla Powerwall 3 gets a massive boost with its 185 LRA load start capability. This means that the Powerwall 3 can better manage the sudden burst of power that larger appliances demand when turned on, so refrigerators or air conditioners can be fired up without issue, even during a power outage. 

Efficient Solar Integration 

Capable of a 20 kW DC maximum solar STC (Standard Test Conditions) input, the Tesla Powerwall 3 is extremely efficient at storing and managing solar energy and making it available to the household even when the sun isn’t out. The enhanced solar energy storage capabilities of the Tesla Powerwall 3 offer homeowners a great deal of energy independence

Six Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT)

With the Powerwall 3, Tesla reintroduces an integrated solar inverter, a feature previously included in the Powerwall Plus but omitted in the Powerwall 2, which required an external inverter. The built-in solar inverter in the Tesla Powerwall 3 features six Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs), up from four in the Powerwall Plus. With these MPPTs, the Tesla Powerwall 3 can dynamically adjust the solar panels to optimize their performance, ensuring efficient storage and use of solar energy. Also, the new system can expand with up to three optional 13.5 kWh battery units, allowing for a total capacity of 54 kWh. However, these expansion units are still being developed and are yet to be available for purchase.

AC Coupling 

With the AC coupling feature, the Tesla Powerwall 3 can easily be connected to homes with existing solar power systems and paired with the current inverter setup via a Tesla Gateway. 

Integration With EV Charging Systems

The Tesla Powerwall 3 offers the added benefit of EV charger integration, making it ideal for households that use one or more electric vehicles. This feature reduces the need for extra breaker slots, potentially avoiding the need for an expensive service upgrade.

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Icon Power is a Premier Tesla Certified Installer

Tesla Powerwalls, renowned for their efficiency and innovation, require skilled installation to ensure optimal performance and safety. Certified installers are not only trained in the precise and secure installation of these systems but are also equipped with the essential knowledge and expertise. This proficiency minimizes the risk of potential issues or damage, guaranteeing the Powerwall’s efficient operation.

Moreover, certified installers possess the authorization from Tesla to provide support and maintenance services for the Powerwall. This authorization is a testament to their capability and reliability, offering customers peace of mind. Should any issues arise, customers have the assurance of accessing expert help.

Icon Power stands out as a Premier installer. This distinction underscores the quality of work Icon has done on Tesla Powerwalls as well as the volume of installs we have completed.

Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3 More Power. More Backup. More Savings.

There has never been a better time to reduce your dependence on the energy grid.

Exploring the Evolution: Tesla Powerwall 2 vs. Powerwall 3

When comparing the new Tesla Powerwall 3 with the existing Powerwall 2, the most obvious difference between the two is that the newer unit is a fully incorporated or hybrid system that comes with its own solar inverter. Conversely, the Powerwall 2 requires to be paired with an external solar inverter during installation. The Powerwall 3 can thus be incorporated into most existing solar power setups, including those with microinverters. Other advantages of the Tesla Powerwall 3 over the Powerwall 2 include a higher continuous power rating, higher peak power output, and improved max surge LRA.

One Unit Powers One Home

Iconic Design & Power


One Integrated Ecosystem

Designed to support EV home charging needs with the ability to optimize for sustainable charging and energy savings.


Seamless Transition

Units begin powering the home as soon as an outage is detected, while similar home batteries experience a delay of 2–5 seconds.


Reliable in Extreme Environments

Provides reliable storage and backup protection at high elevations, in high humidity and in extreme temperatures


Personalized Savings

Increases savings potential by automatically optimizing stored energy based on historical usage data, 48-hour weather forecasts and energy rate estimates

Benefits for Homeowners

Installing a Tesla Powerwall 3 offers several benefits for homeowners. The first is a boost in energy independence, reducing your reliance on the energy grid. This, of course, comes with reduced energy bills that result in massive savings over time. Additionally, a home battery storage system that offers smart energy management solutions enhances a household’s disaster resilience by ensuring the availability of power even during extended outages. It also contributes to a sustainable future.

Is the Powerwall 3 the Ideal Choice for Your Energy Needs?

The Tesla Powerwall 3 is a comprehensive energy solution offering independence, cost savings, and security. Ideal for homeowners seeking to maximize solar energy use and reliable backup power, it represents the future of home energy storage, promising a cleaner, more resilient energy landscape for those in Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. 

Anybody looking for a high-performance solar-powered battery backup system for their home should consider the Tesla Powerwall 3. It is a well-thought-out system with several features designed to benefit today’s all-electric households. The Powerwall 3 is capable of powering your entire home, the large appliances within, and charging EVs, all on stored solar energy. This versatility makes it the ideal energy solution in 2024. 

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