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Tesla Powerwall 3

Icon Power is a Premier Tesla Certified Installer

Tesla Powerwalls, renowned for their efficiency and innovation, require skilled installation to ensure optimal performance and safety. Certified installers are not only trained in the precise and secure installation of these systems but are also equipped with the essential knowledge and expertise. This proficiency minimizes the risk of potential issues or damage, guaranteeing the Powerwall’s efficient operation.

Moreover, certified installers possess the authorization from Tesla to provide support and maintenance services for the Powerwall. This authorization is a testament to their capability and reliability, offering customers peace of mind. Should any issues arise, customers have the assurance of accessing expert help.

Icon Power stands out as a Premier installer. This distinction underscores the quality of work Icon has done on Tesla Powerwalls as well as the volume of installs we have completed.

Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3 More Power. More Backup. More Savings.

There has never been a better time to reduce your dependence on the energy grid.

One Unit Powers One Home

Iconic Design & Power


One Integrated Ecosystem

Designed to support EV home charging needs with the ability to optimize for sustainable charging and energy savings.


Seamless Transition

Units begin powering the home as soon as an outage is detected, while similar home batteries experience a delay of 2–5 seconds.


Reliable in Extreme Environments

Provides reliable storage and backup protection at high elevations, in high humidity and in extreme temperatures


Personalized Savings

Increases savings potential by automatically optimizing stored energy based on historical usage data, 48-hour weather forecasts and energy rate estimates

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