Solar Panels in Pasadena, Texas

Are Solar Panels in Pasadena, Texas, Worth It?

Pasadena, Texas, is a fantastic spot for homeowners and business owners to harness the sun’s energy. With its clear skies, this city is the perfect place to go solar. By opting for solar power, homeowners can enjoy savings on average of about $1500 per year on their electricity bills.

With an average high temperature of 79°F and 62% daily sunlight, Pasadena is an ideal city for solar energy. Currently, 5,517 homes in the city are already benefiting from solar energy.

Bottom line: installing solar panels in Pasadena, Texas, is a no-brainer. It reduces your energy bills and enhances your home’s value. At Icon Power, we’re your trusted, licensed, and certified solar panel installation experts. We’re here to guide you through the process and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. So, why wait? Let’s harness the power of the sun together!

How it Works

Looking to go solar and simplify the process? Look no further than our streamlined full solar services, where we take care of everything from design to monitoring—all in one place.

1 Consultation


Our team will begin maximizing your potential savings by assessing all the incentives available to your specific address—from utility company to state & federal credits.

2 Design & Permitting

Design & Permitting

Next, we’ll design a system to meet your savings objectives. Icon Power will factor everything from energy usage to roof space while handling the entire permitting process.

3 Installation


Icon Power personally handles every aspect of a solar panel & battery storage installation. We are 100% vertical, meaning we’ll take care of your project from start to finish.

4 Monitoring


With our mobile app, you can monitor solar production & savings. Communicate directly with our team and refer family & friends to earn cash.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panel Installation in Pasadena, Texas?

Cost-effective tax incentives and rebates

Solar power systems offer substantial long-term savings. Additionally, numerous federal, state, and local rebates and tax credits are available for eligible systems incentivizing Texans to embrace renewable energy. Furthermore, Texas residents can receive a 30% federal tax rebate on the cost of their solar panel installation; a win-win situation for your wallet and the environment!

Boost property value

Having solar panels installed on a home translates to long-term gains for the owners. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that homes with solar panels sell for an average of $15,000 more than homes without solar panels.

Long-term energy savings

Solar panels are highly efficient, often leading to electricity bill savings of over 33% and sometimes even cutting costs in half. Unlike endless payments to utility companies, solar panels offer a structured payment plan for their installation cost. Quality panels will eventually provide your home with free, renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Source

Utilizing Pasadena's abundant sunlight for power not only cuts our reliance on imported natural gas but also sparks job growth. The rising popularity of solar power has led to more opportunities in the area, from jobs installing solar panels to solar panel & battery manufacturing plants. With increasing adoption of solar solutions by homes and businesses, the local renewable energy market and expertise are poised for expansion. It's a win-win situation, benefiting both sustainability and economic development.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it.

We loved working with Icon Power for our solar install. Jordan patiently educated us and helped us make a ‘just right’ decision. Sterling and his team were nothing short of ‘Installation Wizards’, making adjustments as needed right on site. And thanks to the excellence of many other Icon service professionals along the way, we sailed through inspections far more quickly than we anticipated. All in all, working with Icon was an exceptional experience. Our solar system is working and saving us money even as I write this. We couldn’t be happier.
Jordan is a rockstar. He made sure I understood my options completely when considering solar. He made the decision process very easy, keeping me informed every step of the way. He stayed in communicating with all the different teams involved with inspecting, installation and activation to make sure things moved smoothly for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with adding solar to their home, or any other solutions that Icon Power provides.
If your researching the installation of a solar system for your home look no further than Icon Power. This organization is the epitome of a professional, fair and transparent solar provider. They warranty their installation, the system and do not use third-party contractors. Everybody I dealt with was knowledgeable and thorough. Their excellent communication was honest and accurate. They showed up for appointments on time and installed the system with a high degree of quality. I couldn't be happier with my experience with icon power.
2021 Top Solar Contractor
Ace Award Arizona Corporate Excellence
Inc. 5000 #146 award
Inc. Regionals Southwest #25
SRP - Preferred Solar Installer

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Pasadena?

The cost of solar panel installation in Pasadena, Texas, depends on the property size, energy usage, energy-saving goals, location, climate and more. Our veteran solar experts understand the best way to evaluate your home and provide you with a set of options to meet your needs. We provide exceptional service and competitive pricing while ensuring you get top-notch products and optimal system design.

Check out our free custom solar estimate tool to get an approximate idea of how much you can save when you install solar panels in Pasadena. Start by entering your address below.

Why Choose Icon Power for Your Solar Installation?

It’s important to choose a trusted and reputable solar panel installer in Pasadena to get the solution that suits your unique situation. A trusted solar panel service provider can significantly affect the efficiency and performance of your solar power system. We are a top-tier company and provide a range of affordable solar panel installation services in Pasadena for both commercial and residential properties. We will guide you through the entire process of system design, installation, repair, and maintenance.

25 years of solar panels performance warranty

Get a free solar estimate

No upfront cost

100% Customer satisfaction

Communicate directly with our solar experts

Transparent pricing

Let's Start Something Iconic.

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Texas City Pages Form (#6)


Yes, installing solar panels can potentially increase property value in Pasadena, Texas. Solar panels are often considered a valuable and environmentally friendly feature that can appeal to homebuyers and lead to higher resale values. However, the exact impact on property value may vary based on factors such as the size of the solar installation, local real estate market conditions, and potential energy savings.

The number of solar panels you need for your property depends on several factors, including your energy consumption, location, available roof space, panel efficiency, and desired energy output. A solar professional can assess these factors and provide a customized recommendation for the optimal number of panels to meet your energy goals effectively. Check out our free solar estimate tool for more information. 

Yes, solar panel installation in Pasadena may be eligible for various incentives and tax credits.

  • Texas does not offer state solar rebates but offers a net metering program for residential solar energy systems. The rate at which excess solar energy is credited back to homeowners will vary by utility company.
  • Because there is no state income tax in Texas, there is no state income tax credit.
  • There is no additional property tax for the value solar panels add to your home.
  • Texas does have solar rights laws to protect residents.

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