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Texas is a land built on self-reliance. The wide-open pastures and clear blue skies make Texas the perfect state to join the renewable energy movement. Residents are taking advantage of the near-year-round sun exposure to save money on their electric bills each month, especially during the peak summer season, when solar energy is plentiful and your air conditioner is working overtime. Let Icon Power put that energy in your hands.

By choosing Icon Power you can secure the best overall value for your solar system. Our local technicians offer meticulous installation and ongoing care as needed to ensure that your panels are operating at peak efficiency.

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Homeowners in Texas are experiencing just what a difference solar power can make for them. Not only does solar installation reduce monthly utility costs, but you can substantially increase the resale value of your home. Take advantage of the federal investment tax credit, which allows you to deduct 30% of the solar panel installation cost!

Your energy efficiency is contingent on a few different factors: from the angle of your roof to the number of panels you choose to install. Our team of solar experts consults with you to determine the right plan for your home that will maximize your savings and suit your lifestyle.

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228 Sunny Days per Year in Texas (vs. a US average of 205)

1.97 %

1.97% of the Texas Energy Comes From solar power

2 nd

SEIA rates Texas 2nd in the country for projected solar growth