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Why You Need A Solar Power Contractor In Nevada

Solar power has been gaining in popularity in the last several decades and for good reason. Solar power is a clean, low carbon, renewable energy alternative that can be used to power your residence partially or completely. The technology has grown and been improved upon over the years so well that solar power is now affordable and attainable for residential properties. The environmental and financial benefits are overwhelmingly positive at this point in time for Nevada solar power systems. Find out how solar power can work for you and your home!

Nevada has a higher than average amount of sunny days per year. It is a state with high potential for solar power. To understand why Nevada is ripe for solar power, we need to understand how solar power works. Very basically, solar panels consist of a network of “cells” called photovoltaic cells. How many cells in a panel will depend on how big a panel you choose to purchase, there are varying sizes available. A typical 12 volt panel will have 36 cells. The cells are made up of layers of semi-conductive material, such as silicon, and these are given a positive or negative charge. This creates an electric field. When sunlight contacts the panel’s cells, particles of light called photons act to separate electrons from atoms.

The electric field generated by the silicon layers pushes the free electrons to conductive metal plates on the sides of the cell which gather up the electrons. The electrons are then guided into wiring where they flow as electricity. This electricity is now available for your home to use. This is of course a simplified explanation, but you can understand how the panels work to turn sunlight into power. Nevada has plenty of sunlight to be converted into energy for your residential property. As a Nevada solar power system contractor, Icon Power® can install a solar power system on your home or property that can utilize the sunshine and help you save money and energy from and for your home.

Solar Panels and Sunlight - phoenix solar panel
Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - solar power for homes phoenix
Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - solar power phoenix

What Energy Costs Can You Expect?

In the past, solar panels were very costly to make and install. They were not as efficient as they are now, and other energy sources such as natural gas and coal were cheaper, so solar energy wasn’t cost effective.


Now, energy costs are much higher but solar power panels costs have decreased and the technology has become more efficient. These days solar energy makes a lot of sense to home and business owners. The energy and cost savings you will expect to see from a residential solar power installation at your home will depend on a variety of factors, including where you live, how many panels will work for your roof, the utility you are using, and how much the cost is of having them installed. Solar panels have a life of about 30-40 years, so the costs of energy savings are definitely long term. Icon Power® uses only manufactures with a 25 year warranty to ensure the savings are long term. People who have high utility bills will see the biggest impact of the savings. There is also the possibility of selling energy back to the power companies.


Simply put, homes that generate more electricity than they need to use can sell it back to the power company. The opportunity for people to not only save on their electric bill, but also make money in the process is a huge benefit. It is a great incentive for homeowners to reach out to a residential solar power contractor in Nevada. Our Nevada residential solar power specialists can also provide you with all the information you will need to decide if solar power is for you.

Solar Power Is

Environmentally Friendly

Many customers choose solar power not just for the money saving aspects, but also for the environmental benefits. Solar power is incredibly environmentally friendly. It is sustainable, as the the sun is an unlimited energy source. Carbon based forms of energy such as coal and natural gas are not sustainable, they are limited in supply and will get more expensive as they are used up. They also contribute a vast amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Solar energy is abundant and sustainable, and is a clean energy source.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix solar installation

According to the Solar Energies Industries Association(SEIA), “Solar produces less life-cycle GHG emissions than conventional fossil fuel energy sources.  While there may be some GHG emissions produced during the manufacturing and recycling of the solar system, the generation of energy from the solar system results in zero GHG emissions and zero environmental impact.”  The SEIA also informs us that residential energy use constitutes 5% of GHG emissions in the US, and that “more than 70 million metric tons of C02 was reduced annually by solar power in the US. So converting to partial or full solar power for your residential energy usage is going to really benefit the environment.

Every residential solar panel installation you get will contribute to lowering greenhouse gases for the planet.  Not only is there no air pollution from the use of solar panels, there is also no water pollution as water is not used to convert the sunlight to electricity, so the waterways as well as the atmosphere benefit from solar energy.  Icon Power® Nevada residential solar specialists can go over the money saving and environmental benefits for you and help you to determine what system will work best for your home.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix solar panel

Icon Power® are the experts in solar energy

We can effectively and efficiently get you using sustainable solar power.  Icon Power® will be able to understand your power situation and address your needs.


This means that you can save money on the front end during installation as well as on the back end when your solar power is functioning properly. Solar power is only becoming more efficient day by day and is truly is a clean sustainable way to have the energy that you need.


Nevada is ideal for solar energy, which means your residence is also ideal for solar energy.  Your residential solar energy installation is a phone call away, get started saving money and the environment today!

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar energy

Where Can You Find Your Residential Solar Contractor In Nevada?

Icon Power® can provide residential solar panel installation in the following areas:

If you live in one of these areas and are interested in reducing your residential energy costs and switching to clean, safe, and renewable energy, we are your Nevada residential solar specialist.  This simple decision can save you thousands of dollars a year. $245,000 monetary limit for Nevada only.