Rick Gfeller

“We could not be more pleased with ICON Power. Our sales associate, Gentry, was absolutely terrific! Over a period of a year we interviewed 13 solar companies, while I conducted serious research about solar to be able to make an informed decision. Gentry was patient with us – he kept in touch, but there was no pressure. Some of the other solar people were downright obnoxious. At the end of the day, we decided ICON was financially and functionally the best value for us. We installed 72 panels, mostly on our South-facing roof (see picture) with the rest on our West-facing roof.

But, we have to say, a KEY factor in our decision was our confidence and trust in Gentry. He is an honorable and honest man.

Our system was activated in January 2019 – so our February bill represented a half-month of solar service. Our February APS bill was $17.93, $12.69 of which was taxes and fees. Our March APS bill was negative $34.00. Our April bill was negative $101.70. Our May bill was negative $96.51. Are you following this!!! Yes, so far, APS owes us for each month we are fully on solar! Despite all the cloudiness we have experienced during the last few months.

We were on APS’s budget billing plan where we paid the same amount to APS every month. We financed 100% of the purchase of our solar system over a 20yr term. Our monthly payment for solar is $137 less than what our APS budget bill was. We are comforted to know that our monthly solar payment will not increase for 20 years, at which point it will be reduced to $0.00. We also knew it would be a safe bet that if we did not go with solar, we could count on our APS bill to continue to increase for the next 20 years and beyond.

The bottom line is that our monthly payment (out of pocket) is 30% less than before solar. The fact that APS is owing us money, too, is just icing on the cake! LIFE IS GOOD!

We also want to give a shout out to Brandon and his installation crew. They were the nicest guys, professional, courteous, and so very efficient. They did such a terrific job – and fast, too! We could not be more pleased. They asked if I had any house paint so they could color coat the conduit they installed so it would match the house. I told them not to bother and went to work, as I just figured I would paint it in a year or two when I repaint the house. I came home that night to find they had gone out and purchased paint to match and painted the conduit, no additional charge! (See picture.)

After watching our installation and talking with the ICON crew, our neighbor purchased a system from ICON, too.

We would give ICON Power more than, 5-Stars if we could. Be sure to call Gentry at ICON Power”

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