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With year-round sunny weather, residents of Phoenix, Maricopa County, and surrounding cities can take full advantage of residential solar power savings. (After all, they don’t call this the Valley of the Sun for nothing!) And the team here at Icon Power® is ready and able to help you get the perfect Phoenix home solar panel setup for you.

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What Is Solar Power And How It Works

Icon Power® is a leading Phoenix home solar panel company. We are dedicated to preserving the environment and saving our customers money. In fact, we are committed to finding the perfect solar energy fit for you and your family. To that end, we wanted to provide you with this resource to briefly explain solar power and some of the ways that solar energy can benefit you.

For starters, using a Phoenix home solar panel installation can help you in a few key ways.

  • Solar power can save you money on your power bill.
  • Solar power can lock in your power cost and give you more control
  • Solar power can reduce your carbon footprint.
Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix solar installation

How Residential Solar Power Works

Almost everyone knows that you can use solar panels to create electricity. Now, we’re not going to get too technical, but we wanted to explain a little bit about how residential solar power works. A residential solar power contractor in Phoenix will typically place several solar panels on the roof of your house. These panels will convert some of the sunlight hitting them into electricity. Each solar panel typically measures around 65 inches by 39 inches and is made up of about 60 solar “cells” connected by wires.


When solar panels like these were first invented in the 1950s, they weren’t very efficient. They would only convert 5-6% of the sun’s energy hitting them into electricity. We’ve come a long way since the ‘50s. Panels today convert closer to the 20% range.


Energy Savings of Solar Energy

How much energy do you need to produce? Well, how much energy does your family uses? Energy use varies widely due to the use of different lighting, electronics, and heating and cooling systems. You can often find your average power usage on your electric bill. By capturing solar energy and converting it into electricity, you can immediately see a decrease in your power bill.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar power

How much can you save? That depends on how much energy your solar panels collect and how much electricity you use. Any extra power you need that is not generated by your solar array will still be supplied by your electricity company. However, it is not uncommon for people to generate almost all of the power they need through a solar power system.

A Phoenix residential solar power contractor like Icon Power® can help you get the system you need so you can start saving today. With some utility companies, you may even be able to “sell” them any extra power produced that you don’t use in your own home. This can include power collected while you are at work or on vacation.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix solar panel

Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

As we all know, traditional fossil fuel energy is not good for the environment. Extraction, processing, and use of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas have a heavy environmental price tag. When fossil fuels are burned, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) are released. These types of gases have been directly linked to climate change. Increases in solar power systems can help curb these out of control emissions. Widespread solar systems can reduce these emissions drastically.


Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source. The sun’s energy is ever-present and easily harnessed with the right equipment. If we could capture all of the sun’s energy for a single hour, we’d be able to meet all the world’s power needs for an entire year.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar energy

Icon Power® - Your Residential Solar Contractor in Phoenix

When you work with a trusted Phoenix residential solar specialist, you can get a solar power system in place that allows you to enjoy savings on your power bill. For many people, however, one of the biggest reasons they don’t switch to solar power is the up-front cost of installing the system. That’s why Icon Power® works with you to make sure that you can get the perfect system, often with $0 down.


There is currently a 30% federal tax credit available for installing a residential solar power system. However, that credit drops to 26% in 2020 and drops again to 22% in 2021. If you qualify, this tax credit can go a long way toward helping you pay for your new solar power system, so don’t wait.