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Power That Makes Cents.

Not only good for the environment…

A solar system designed specifically for your home and built around your usage will save you money.

With Icon Power, you don’t just get a set of panels on your roof; You get a partner to help you hack the system, saving yourself money and helping the environment.

25 Year Production Guarantee.

All systems are backed by a industry leading 25 year warranty. 

As long as the sun is in the sky you’ll have power.

Take Control of Your Power Bill

We design a system that is considered the best fit for your home and determine the ideal utility rate for your remaining energy needs.

Tax Credits & Local Incentives

Take advantage of the federal investment tax credit. Plus additional incentives like the $1,000 Arizona tax credit.

Increase Your Homes Value​

Solar can increase your home’s value up to 4% according to Zillow

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Customers reviews

What makes Icon Power Different?

Finally a company which understands customer service. I interviewed 7 solar companies before choosing ICON POWER! They don't use contractors, all the crews are employees of ICON POWER - and the pride in the company and attention to detail shows. They are a local Arizona company, and I like to support local business.
James Scott
Icon power was just awesome. Any question we had was answered quickly and with professionalism. We were approved quickly and the installation began. A few days later we were getting our meter and producing power. If you are looking for solar you must give them a call. Just fantastic.
Wendy Wayne
Tucson, AZ.