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Icon Power® provides the community of Pahrump with residential solar panels. We are a solar power contractor installing the highest quality solar panels from trusted manufacturers. You can start saving money while you protect the environment by taking advantage of our clean energy sources.

Solar energy, one of the world’s leading renewable energy sources. This is an energy source that everyone should give a shot. Pahrump residential solar panels are safe and easy to install by a solar power contractor. It will save you a lot of money as well as giving you a clean and reliable source of renewable energy.

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What Is Solar Energy And How Does It Work?

Solar energy, just as it sounds, is energy received from the sun. More accurately, solar energy is the conversion of energy received from the sun into electricity. Through directly using Photovoltaics (PV), or by also indirectly using concentrated solar energy, or some combination of both.

Solar Panels are made up of 2 pieces of semiconducting material, usually silicon. In order for these cells to work, they need to have a positive and a negative pole. Just the same as the earth’s magnetic poles. Each of the two pieces have an opposite charge from one another. To put this into a easier perspective, here is a simple step by step list of how a solar panel works.

  1. The Silicon PV cells absorb the solar radiation.
  2. When the solar radiation interacts with the solar cell, electrons begin to move.
  3. The movement of these electrons makes an electrical current, they are captured by the nodes and wiring on the panels.
  4. Wires feed the direct current (DC) electricity to a solar inverter to be converted to Alternating Current (AC) electricity.
Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - solar power phoenix

The Savings/Benefits That Solar Energy
Can Provide For You

The savings that you can earn from utilizing solar power cannot be understated. In this day and age, it should be noted that solar is a very safe and reliable way to save yourself money in the long run. Savings can vary per home and region however check out these statistics according to this article posed by Solar Reviews. How much you can save with solar depends on a few factors, those of which being:

Having purchased solar panels installed on your home is considered to be an upgrade. This is great news because this will increase the overall value of your home. If you are someone who is planning on selling their home and you have solar panels, then you are in luck. In fact, a study found that solar panels can even increase the value of your home by a staggering $15,000. Increase is based on a purchased solar system and not a PPA or leased system. 


Now, while solar works better in some places than others, this does not take away from the fact that solar does indeed work everywhere. Even in places like Alaska, where they only get sunlight for half of the year, they are still able to utilize solar energy as well as gain the savings benefits.


Environmental Benefits

One of the best, if not the best, benefits of solar energy is how unlimited it is. It is energy from the sun, and that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This energy is clean, safe, and in no way harmful to the environment. This renewable energy source when compared to other forms of energy, shows just how effective and environmentally friendly this energy source really is. Here is a comparison of the greenhouse gas emissions of some leading energy sources:

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar power

As you can see  by this comparison, solar is obviously much lower than these other well known sources of energy. These other sources of energy are also leaders in environmental pollution.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix solar panel

Take Into Consideration The Process Of Installing Solar Panels

As a Pahrump residential solar power specialist is aware, safety is always the number one priority when it comes to installing solar panels. These are very fragile pieces of equipment and this needs to be taken into consideration. These precautions include the typical safety precautions such as ladder safety making sure that the ladder is adequate for the job. Make sure that two people are lifting the solar panel at the same time with proper lifting technique. Make sure that there is nothing in the way that could possibly be tripped over. For the safety of the panels themselves, it is important to make sure that the panel’s array is covered during the installation process. This essentially makes them “turned off”. Treat the power lines that run from the solar panel just as you would any other power line. Electricity runs through this line and is considered an electrical hazard if handled with little care. Never disconnect the PV module connectors or other similar PV wiring while it is under load as this can be dangerous.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar energy

Icon Power®: The Leading Residential Solar Energy Specialist

Icon Power®, the leading residential solar energy specialist. They have one goal. And that goal is to make sure that their customers are happy. To make sure that everyone who they sell their product to is satisfied with their purchase. We here at Icon Power® only install the finest quality of Solar Panels Icon Power® is on a mission to help people get the savings that they deserve while also helping the environment. Icon Power also serves in the following locations:

You can be sure that you are making the right decision when utilizing Icon Power®. They are the best in the business and are quite literally an “Icon” on their line of work. You can feel at ease knowing that they will get the job done in a timely manner that will have you saving money on your electric bill in no time as well as preserving the environment around you.