Icon Power®: The Benefits of Using Solar Power Systems in Boulder City

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How does solar power work?

Solar Power is the conversion of sunlight into usable energy. This will occur by using photovoltaics (PV) or using concentrated solar power. When looking at concentrated solar power, you can think of it as being sunlight that is concentrated into a small beam through the use of lenses or mirrors. Most often you will see concentrated solar power create energy by creating steam. This steam is then converted into energy by a turbine.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - solar power phoenix

How A Residential Solar Power
Installation Can Save You Money

On the other hand, the more commonly seen use of solar power comes in the form of PV. PV will use solar panels that are either directly attached to a roof or at a solar power farm. These solar panels convert sunlight directly into energy.  An article called “What is Solar Power and How it Works” explains in detail the process of converting sunlight into energy. It will be summarized in the coming sentences.

PV have cells that convert the sunlight to energy. Solar panels can vary on how many cells are located on a panel. A Boulder City Solar Power Specialist can help you determine which solar panel would meet your needs. These cells will be made of a semi-conductive material. They will be given a positive or negative charge. This will create the electric field.

When the sunlight interacts with the cells, photons will separate the electrons from the atoms. There will be conductive plates that gather the electrons. These electrons are then moved into wiring. This is usable electricity that can power a house or any needs around a residence. Home solar installation is quick and simple. It has become a sustainable source of energy for many people throughout the world.


What are the financial savings solar energy can provide?

The solar market has been growing rapidly. The Solar Energy Industry Association has discussed the popularity of solar power and where the market is going. They said, “the industry scales up new innovative technologies and drives down manufacturing and installation costs.” While solar power increases in popularity there will be more precise and quicker ways to manufacturer and install solar panels. A lot of the cost of solar energy comes from the price of the panels.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar power

However, the cost of these panels is often unimportant because solar panels have the potential to pay for themselves in a few years. Also, with the help of a Boulder City Residential Solar Specialist installation is simple and hassle free.


To understand the total energy savings, we must first understand the cost of the panels and installation. There are a number of things that will have to be purchased in order to reap the benefits of solar power. You will need the following:

  • PV Modules;
  • The frame or brackets to install the panels;
  • Wiring;
  • Inverters;
  • Residential solar installation;
  • Labor;
  • Maintenance
Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix solar panel

Safety Concerns With Solar Energy

The costs will eventually pay for themselves. The money that you will save each month from generating your own power will pay for the panels.


The technology that we have today has changed the world of solar power. Solar power technology is smaller and produces more power than the solar panels from years ago.


You will save money on your monthly electric bill and in filing taxes. The government offers many incentives and tax breaks for those who use solar energy. The Energy Sector of the government has said, “If you want to purchase a rooftop solar system for your home, federal tax credits and other state, local, or utility incentives can offset some of the upfront cost.” They also discussed some of the financing options. There are ways to get clean energy loans to pay for solar panels. There are also traditional bank loans.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar energy

How a Residential Solar Contractor in Boulder City Can Assist You

The government has made it much easier to save money by using solar power. They have done this by making it easier to pay for the upfront costs as well as saving money through tax credits for using solar power. A Boulder City Residential Solar Specialist can help you understand the certain ways to pay for the solar panels and also the incentives that the government offers. Boulder City Residential Solar Specialists, Icon Power®, can assist you in many locations. Some of these locations are:

They can answer any of your questions and give you some insight to the many benefits that are associated with solar power. We live in a day that many of us are strapped for cash. There are so many bills and payments that have to be made. There seems to be payments for everything. Being able to save a few dollars a month, can help anyone’s situation. In addition, knowing that you are helping the environment may be the best thing about solar power.

What are the environmental benefits solar energy provides?

Solar power is a clean and sustainable source of energy. There are no concerns about emissions from solar energy. However, there are concerns that are associated with typical power plants that use coal or nuclear power. Solar power is a simple way to keep the environment clean and the skies clear. All this is done while still enjoying the benefits of electricity. The only pollution that comes from solar energy is a little when the panels are manufactured. Other than that it is an extremely efficient and clean way to produce electricity.


Solar panels can last 25 to 40 years. This means that you can have clean sustainable energy for decades. Solar power is sustainable due to the fact that the sun continues to shine.Also, there is not a limit on how much you can use. On the other hand, fossil fuels are limited. Once fossil fuels are gone, we will have to wait thousands of year to have more. Boulder City Residential Specialists can assist you in making the world a healthier and cleaner place by installing solar panels.

How can a Boulder City Residential Solar Specialist help preserve the environment and save customers money?

A Boulder City Residential Solar Specialist can help you preserve the environment by installing a solar panel system that will fit your needs. They will be able to assess the amount of panels you will need to run your house. Residential solar installation can also save you money by decreasing your monthly electricity payments.

Also, it is likely you will receive incentives from the government to use solar energy. Within some of these incentives are tax breaks. Icon Power® can help you make the choice to save money and make the environment a cleaner place. They are experts in this area and can help see if you qualify for these available incentives. They will know what your needs are and be able to meet them.