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Icon Power® is a professional Arizona solar power system contractor, specifically around the Pima County and Maricopa county areas. We install only quality solar panels from trusted manufacturers so that you can begin to save on energy costs and conserve the environment with a renewable and clean energy source.

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What Is Solar Power And How It Works

Basically, solar panels are a network of “cells” called photovoltaic cells. How many cells in a panel will depend on how big a panel you choose to purchase, there are varying sizes available. A typical 12 volt panel will have 60 cells. The cells are made up of layers of semi-conductive material, such as silicon, and these are given a positive or negative charge. This creates an electric field. When sunlight contacts the panel’s cells, particles of light called photons act to separate electrons from atoms. The electric field generated by the silicon layers pushes the free electrons to conductive metal plates on the sides of the cell which gather up the electrons. The electrons are then guided into wiring where they flow as electricity. This electricity is now available for your home to use. This is a simplified explanation, but you can understand how the panels work to turn sunlight into power.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - solar power phoenix

How A Residential Solar Power
Installation Can Save You Money

When residential solar power was first being introduced to power homes in the 1970’s, the cells weren’t as efficient as they are now. People liked the idea of using solar panels, but the costs of the panels were high, and energy costs were very low, so for most people, it didn’t make sense, finance wise. Now, energy costs are much higher but solar power panels costs have decreased and the technology has become more efficient. Now solar energy makes a lot of sense to home and business owners. The clean energy and cost savings you will expect to see from an Arizona solar power system for your home will depend on a variety of factors, including where you live, how many panels will work for your roof, the utility you are using, and how much the cost is of having them installed. Solar panels have a life of about 30-40 years, so the costs of energy savings are definitely long term. Icon Power® uses only manufactures with a 25 year warranty to ensure the savings are long term. People who have high utility bills will see the biggest impact of the savings. Our Arizona solar power system specialists can also provide you with all the information you will need to decide if solar power is for you. Also, keep in mind that 2019 is the last year to take advantage of the full 30% federal tax credit and there is also an Arizona state tax credit of $1,000, so these incentives will also help increase your savings by going solar.


Benefits Of Solar Power

For many people, the environmental benefits of solar power are just as important as the financial benefits. In simple terms, solar power is environmentally beneficial as it is clean and renewable. As long as the sun keeps shining, solar power is available. You don’t even have to live in a really sunny place to still get energy from solar panels. Most of the United States still uses electricity that comes from fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar power

These types of fuels are expensive and they are finite, meaning that there are limited amounts of them. When these fuels are consumed they release methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to air pollution and global warming. Air pollution causes health issues like bronchitis, and other respiratory problems as well as cardiovascular risks. Solar energy produces very little air pollution (during the manufacturing stage) and so it is beneficial for your own health.

Solar panels also require no water to create electricity, and this contributes to using zero pollution of water resources. Using solar power also cuts into the amount of greenhouses gases used to generate power. Solar power uses nothing that gives off greenhouses gases, so it does not contribute to global warming, the more people that use solar for some or all of their electricity needs, the less greenhouse gases that will be introduced into the environment. Clean and renewable power is what our residential solar power specialist in Arizona will be providing you with. Solar panels will last for 30 years or more on average, so the environmental benefits are long lasting.
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Safety Concerns With Solar Energy

As long as you have your solar panels installed by an Arizona residential solar power specialist, the installation will be safely done and up to all municipal standards. The solar panels themselves are very safe. You can view them as simply another appliance you use in the household, like an HVAC system or a dishwashing machine.

If you would like to learn more about about solar panel safety, we would be happy to answer all of your questions.

Solar Panels Installed Onto A Roof - phoenix residential solar energy

Icon Power® are residential solar power contractors in Arizona that are dedicated to preserving our environment in Arizona and the world. Our residential solar power installations are carefully designed around your household and family’s specific power needs. We use top of the line equipment from many manufacturers that are tailored to your home and budget. Our Arizona residential solar power contractors service the following areas in Maricopa County:

We also offer residential solar power installation in the Pima County region to include Tucson and surrounding areas. Once you contact us and a system is designed for your family, you can choose to lease the system, take out a loan for the system with no money down, or pay cash and purchase the system outright. As soon as your system is installed by our Arizona residential solar power contractors, your home will begin to produce clean, safe, renewable energy straight from the sun. The environment and your bottom line will thank you!