How Homeowners are Choosing their Solar Provider

With hundreds of solar providers across Arizona, Nevada and Texas, it can be very difficult to assess: how the heck do I choose a solar provider?

Here’s a big clue:

It’s not just about price. 

In fact, the lowest prices can be a signal for trouble over the long term. So, what does a wise homeowner look for? Here’s a simple breakdown with some help from our CEO, Jake Bastian.

#1 Integrity

A lot of solar companies aren’t going to be diligent with you about what to expect from your unique solar system—the outcomes of which need to be calculated based on a number of distinct variables e.g. roof size, power usage, utility company, and solar availability given your home’s position relative to neighboring trees & the sky etc.

Because of solar’s rapid growth, the goal of most solar companies is to turn and burn—get you in at the lowest price, throw the panels on your roof and most likely forget about you… 😲 which leads us to our next point.

#2. An Integrated Organization

Since going solar is a long-term commitment, you need a solar provider who is with you from start to finish. Imagine spending all your time developing a relationship with a sales org only to have them give you the cold shoulder in the event you need something down the road. 😖

#3. Check Reviews

This one is a no brainer for anyone versant with the mystical ways of the web. 🔮

Head on over to Google and type in the name of the solar provider. Evaluate based on metrics like professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness and value. Accept nothing less than an overall 4-star review with at least 150 reviews.



Zac Bishop

Zac Bishop

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